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‘Less Than’ Mentality: The Thing That’s Holding You Back

beat your less than mentality

We’ve all been there—the dark place of self-doubt, shame, and comparison that stifles our dreams and ambitions. You know what I’m talking about—that feeling of being ‘less than’ everyone else in your life. 

That self-doubting inner monologue, always on the lookout for an opening to dash our dreams with a barrage of critical self-talk.

But here’s the deal: you no longer have to accept this ‘less than’ mentality! 

In this blog post, I’ll share tangible strategies to help you break free from these mental chains so you can push yourself further towards achieving the success that is yours for the taking! 

Let’s dive into how you can kick the doubt monster to the curb today!

Are You Feeling Strong Today?

It’s natural to experience a rollercoaster of emotions throughout your day, but don’t forget just how incredible you are. 

Appreciating what makes you unique and challenging yourself to become even better is key – investing in this growth journey will unlock opportunities that may have previously seemed impossible.

I’m all about mindset. 

We can accomplish anything we put our minds to, but sometimes we let our egos get in the way.

Get Past Your Self-Doubt and Be Unstoppable

One of my best friends on the planet can handle anything. I’ve never met anyone who has overcome as much as she has. From the outside, she appears to be a superhero, yet she does have one severe flaw.

Despite consistently outperforming in several areas, she has serious internal doubts about her abilities.

She’s her own worst critic, catastrophizing every minor mistake she makes and never giving herself a break. Her lack of sincere self-confidence is an unchanging narrative of anguish that holds her back from embracing life to the fullest.

Where did this come from?  

Why is this a mindset she carries with her? 

Break the Cycle of Abuse

It began as a form of verbal abuse. 

Growing up, she was given the false impression that her worth was insignificant. By all accounts, it appears as though her mother’s mistreatment of her contributed greatly to this feeling of inadequacy.

Inferior as a child, inferior as a young woman, inferior as a student, inferior as an employee, a parent, a spouse…so on and so far. My friend began to believe that if her mom was disappointed in her, then she must indeed be less than those around her. 

Being exposed to someone else’s biting words may feel defeating, but when we’re our own worst critic it can be downright devastating. Don’t let anyone get you down by accepting the negativity they have to offer—because that’s all they need for their power over you.

They’ve won, and now you’ll be trapped in an endless spiral of inadequacy.

Start Seeing Yourself in a New Light

Looking at oneself from a 30-foot perspective can help you gain command of your internal dialogue. Start by reflecting on the positive feedback you’ve received.

You’ve probably heard the adage, “If you can’t love yourself, it’s impossible to love another person.” No one else can love you how you need to be loved if you can’t even love yourself.

This isn’t a blog about love or other people’s opinions, nor is it about self-discovery. Instead, this website aims to help you discover who you are and what you’re capable of, but more importantly, to have faith in those abilities.

I frequently mention authors such as Brené Brown, who describe imposter syndrome, the sensation that occurs when a person allows their self-defeating tendencies to take over to the point that they believe they don’t deserve the accolades and accomplishments they’ve reached.

Feelings of inadequacy can be overwhelmingly intense and paralyzing, making it difficult to talk about what you’re experiencing. Low self-esteem often robs us of our ability to trust ourselves or reach out for help, but no one should have to suffer in silence.

The Woman You Don’t Know but Should

My friend is an amazing person, even though she may not realize it. She has done so much for her family and the world around her.

She puts everyone else first and herself last; her poor self-esteem inhibits her from realizing her full potential and prevents her from appreciating her strength and value. While she significantly impacts others, she pays the slightest attention to the one person who needs her the most: herself.

So remember this: in no way are you inferior to anyone else.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself when you compare your life and accomplishments with those around you. However, the most important person in this equation is YOU. Take time for self-care before worrying about anyone else! Life isn’t a race; focus instead on becoming progressively better than yesterday’s version of yourself.

While self-love is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s important not to let that blind you from seeing which areas of your life could use some improvement. Without focusing on both mental and physical health as well as developing spiritually, an overall sense of wellbeing will be hard to achieve—ultimately leading towards deterioration over time.

Being self-loving means accepting your flaws and working to improve them while celebrating your successes and being grateful for your influence on the world.

Handle Everything and Find Your Inner Peace

I hope my friend will find the strength to learn from her successes, trust herself more and take advantage of new opportunities. With this newfound freedom I’m sure she’ll make amazing things happen in life; inspiring those around her with each passing milestone.

So remember, the next time you find yourself in that dark place of self-doubt, shame, and comparison—refuse to accept it! You are strong, capable, and worthy of achieving all your dreams and goals. Use the strategies in this blog post to break free from mental chains and push yourself closer to success.

I think you can handle it.

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Last modified: January 16, 2023