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How to Stay Focused and Achieve Your Goals

staying focused on your goals

What’s the most effective way to get relief from seasickness aboard a boat? As those who have experienced the worst of these symptoms will attest, there is no cure. They may try to persuade you that the only thing you can do is hang your head out the window and hope to reach land as soon as possible because the situation is so dire.

But if you ask someone who does spend time on boats, especially a ship captain, you’ll get a different answer. As soon as you experience any symptoms that suggest you might be getting seasick, they will tell you this: Go somewhere from which you can see the horizon. Keeping your eyes on the horizon can help you maintain your balance and reduce the effects of motion sickness.

So why am I focusing on seasickness?

Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a Step Back and Focus

Because there are times in all of our lives when we begin to feel sick—not ill, exactly, but rather overwhelmed, imbalanced, wobbly, and standing on unsteady ground. It’s simple to let it take control, leaving you with nothing to do but hold on for dear life and pray that it ends soon.

However, if you’re able to take a moment to shift your attention elsewhere, such as to the bigger picture rather than the immediate problem at hand, you may find that you’re able to regain some equilibrium, get some perspective, and lessen your sense of feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t Let Stress Pull You Under

I’m the type of person who will become physically ill if I allow everything in my life to fall out of balance. You can refer to it as stress, chaos, or simply a sense of being overwhelmed. Whatever you call it, it is a transient circumstance that doesn’t reflect the long term, but it will pull you under if you don’t adjust your focus ‘to the horizon’.

I’ve previously discussed ways to relieve stress in prior blogs. Exercise, meditation, being outside in nature, and a variety of other activities are all strong options. When stress invades your life, those hobbies might help you refocus your attention and energies to more positive outlets. 

You must return to knowing:

  • What you are doing
  • What you were attempting to achieve
  • Why you are where you are
  • What the overall picture truly is

Assess Your Progress and Make Changes Today

Now is the moment to take stock of your existing strategy and determine what changes need to be made to alleviate the most frustrating aspects of it. It’s also a perfect opportunity to assess whether any of the tasks you’ve taken on could be assigned to someone else.

Making a strategy to reach your goals and the steps you need to take to get there is a wise idea, but it’s also crucial to be flexible and reassess your progress along the way.

Don’t be discouraged if your plan doesn’t pan out. The true measure of success isn’t in whether you got the result you wanted, it’s in the leaps of growth that come from learning what didn’t work and adapting accordingly. 

When you’re open to new ways of thinking when things don’t go your way, you can expect even better outcomes — so take a deep breath and roll with it, because starting anew may be exactly what you need to see success on a whole new level!

Keep Your Head on Straight

The experience of seasickness provides a helpful metaphor for coping with regular anxiety. Avoid being thrown about by the waves by fixing your sight on the horizon if you ever find yourself in such conditions.

Stability in life can be achieved by using the same technique on dry land: when worries and fears arise, it’s crucial to maintain focus and keep working toward one’s goals. Maintaining a clear head and a steady gaze on the horizon help us persevere through the difficult times we all face.

And there’s a chance the horizon promises calm waters ahead.

I think you can handle it.

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Last modified: January 6, 2023