Month: August 2022

Women in Business Views: 176

The Top 5 Leadership Mistakes

Yes, even leaders make mistakes; and that’s ok. It’s important to make errors in life — that’s how you learn, grow and...

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Digital MarketingWomen in Business Views: 890

What Role Do Women Play in Digital Marketing?

In the “early days” of the industry, women were often responsible for content creation and social media management —- or utilized as...

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Health / Wellness Views: 370

Mindset and Manifestation

I believe in the power of the mind.  The mind is the most powerful tool we will ever possess and it should be nurtured like any other...

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Digital Marketing Views: 187

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing is hands down the most fundamental component to any businesses success. However, not everyone truly understands its...

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SheHandlesIt MindsetWomen in Business Views: 306

Speak Up and the World Will Listen

We live in a world where we can become anything we want — yet we still see a huge disparity between men and women in leadership roles....

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