Month: March 2022

Health / Wellness Views: 458

The Threes

People say life happens in threes. I want to give you my “three sets of threes” to live by.  What you should do more of. ...

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Parenting Views: 327

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Think back to when you were young, maybe your teenage years. How was your relationship with your parents? Do you feel like they understood...

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Women in Business Views: 395

Qualities of a Strong Leader

There are certain qualities that a strong leader must possess for people to want to follow them. You can own your own business, but a...

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SheHandlesIt Mindset Views: 267

Deeper Into the Mindset

Most of life is outside our control. One thing we can change is how we view these circumstances, situations, issues, and solutions. Our...

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Parenting Views: 555

Toddlers Are Bitches

I can’t write a blog about teenagers being assholes if I don’t also write one about toddlers being bitches. I know it...

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SheHandlesIt Mindset Views: 424

The Mindset

So you’re probably wondering what the story is behind SheHandlesIt. The simple answer is it’s based on hard lessons learned way...

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Parenting Views: 6,122

Teenagers are Assholes

That’s right, you heard me. Now, wait a moment before you judge me. The dictionary defines an “asshole” as a stupid, irritating, or...

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Digital Marketing Views: 285

Impact of Social Media on Job Seekers and Employers

It’s no secret that social media has had an enormous impact on how we live our lives. These days, it seems like everyone is online...

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Digital Marketing Views: 260

Benefits to Using Social Media for Finding a Job

Probably 99.9% of our teen through adult population is familiar with social media in one way or the other. Whether you are a 13-year-old...

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Digital MarketingWomen in Business Views: 254

How we are Defining Workplace Culture

 Saying you have a positive company culture is one thing, but defining it is entirely different. Every office setting or work...

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