Month: May 2023

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What to Do When You Are Stuck in a Career Rut

Hey ladies, do you ever feel like your work life is in a rut? Maybe you’ve been feeling unmotivated or just can’t seem to get anything...

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Embracing Your Assertiveness: Don’t Let Anyone Diminish Your Power

As women, we often find ourselves walking a fine line between being assertive and being seen as a “bitch.”  Navigating the...

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Managing Employee Opposition: 5 Tips for Leaders to Lead with Confidence

As a leader, you may face situations where employees defy your direction or oppose your decisions. Handling employee defiance can challenge...

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Yes, You Can Take Time Off

As a working mother, I fall into that rat trap of feeling like I don’t have “time” to take off work to be with my kids for holidays...

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Use Difference to Unite: Parenting Through Unique Perspectives

Raising children is not a piece of cake. Don’t ever let the “Betty Crocker” type moms tell you differently. Even though some moms...

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