Month: February 2024

Women in Business Views: 30

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Career Advancement: Opportunities and Ethical Considerations for Women in the Workforce

In this whirlwind of technological change, AI feels like the topic no one can stop talking about.  But as a savvy professional woman,...

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Women in Business Views: 42

Shattering Ceilings: The Post-Pandemic Evolution of Women in the Workforce

As a female CEO who has navigated the turbulent waters of gender biases, unequal pay, and male-dominated industries, I’ve witnessed...

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Women in Business Views: 60

Streamlining Your Life with AI: A Guide for Busy Women

As a CEO and a woman juggling countless responsibilities, I’ve learned a thing or two about efficiency.  And let me tell you, AI...

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Women in Business Views: 43

Mastering Your First Leadership Role: Essential Strategies for New Executives

Managing people can be difficult, but it can be especially difficult if it is your first time in a leadership or management role.  The...

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