About Me

My name is CJ Bachmann, and I'm the voice of SheHandlesIt. I always find it challenging to describe myself in one word; that's an impossible question to answer if you are anything like me. Where do you even start? I am a mother, an ex-wife, a homemaker, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a mentor, a leader, a boss, a CEO, and so much more. I can be funny, I can be smart, I can be incredibly hard-headed, I can be driven, I can procrastinate, I can get lazy, I can be easily distracted, and I can be highly focused. There are many ways to describe me and so many labels that I could use; I do not doubt that you feel the same way. So why don't we peel back all of our layers and get to the core of who we truly are? We are women, and we are capable of anything.

The Mindset

What is the SheHandlesIt Mindset?

The short answer is that SheHandlesIt is just a reminder that you are capable.  It’s easy to lose sight of yourself and your goals when you try and over accomplish or when you try and do it all.  The SheHandlesIt mindset reminds you that just b/c you can, it doesn’t mean you should or have to.  Get the full story here.


Find your drive and passion for life

Having a SheHandlesIt mindset allows you to have the ability and more importantly the time to go after your passions in life. You don't have to be a super woman all the time but since you have the power, you might as well use it.

so much more

SheHandlesIt covers so much more than just a mindset

From child care, health and wellness to digital marketing, SheHandlesIt has a little something for everyone.  Dive in and find out just how much you can handle.


Educate, empower yourself


Learn, laugh and love

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