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Top 8 Digital Marketing and Tech Trends For 2023

There is no doubt that we live in a world that is constantly changing.  Everything around us is in motion and if it’s not, it is most likely dead or dying.  The same goes for Digital Marketing.  Every morning on the way to work I listen to podcasts or read a book via audible where someone is telling me all about the changing industry that is Digital Marketing.  

It’s a lot, right?  You have big corporations like Google and Facebook laying off people left and right.  You have big wigs like Mr. Musk himself buying social media platforms and switching things up.  You have new technologies coming on the scene every single day.  So how do you stay on top of all of it?  The real answer is you can’t, but you know what you can do?  You can stay on top of your business while us agencies have to do all the heavy lifting. Haha!I kid I kid.  Well sort of.  

However, I know you as a business owner. You don’t want to be left in the dark and you don’t want the world changing around you without you understanding those changes. So to make things a little bit easier, I am going to share my Top 8 things to be aware of in 2023 as it pertains to Digital Marketing for your business.  

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These technologies can be used to personalize the customer experience, optimize ad targeting, and automate repetitive tasks.

AI and Machine learning are part of our everyday lives now.  If you don’t believe me, just say Hey Google or Alexa or hey siri.  That is AI and machine learning.  However, there are new technologies that can be used for things like Predictive Modeling, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots that can help with everything from end user experience, optimization, targeting and even content creation.

A few examples of tools that can help in your business are Jasper, Chat GPT, Optimizely, Salesforce etc.  The list is endless but paired with the right marketing agency or personnel and the sky’s the limit. 

Data Privacy

With stricter data privacy regulations being implemented, it is important for companies to ensure they are in compliance and that they are transparent about how they collect, use, and share customer data.

With GDPR and CCPA knocking on doorsteps, it’s important now more than ever that you are aware of the data being used and the information you are sharing.  Due to the need for these privacy protections, it is also important that businesses collect data from their clients themselves. It is typically done by using a CRM such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pardot etc. This allows you to collect real and accurate customer/client data that can then be used to target not only them, but individuals like them in your marketing.  The result is a more robust targeting list designed for higher conversion rates. 

Influencer Marketing

As social media usage continues to grow, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for reaching and engaging with consumers. Companies will need to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in influencer marketing in order to effectively leverage this channel.

You don’t have to be a Tik Toker to understand the value of Influencer Marketing.  For your business this might look more like being a Thought Leader in your industry or community.  The purpose is to build relationships and trust through social media. Provide informative content that people need to know or want to hear.  Keep it engaging and have it on a set calendar so that it’s consistent. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These technologies are becoming more accessible, and companies should consider how they can use them to create immersive and engaging experiences for their customers.

Not every business uses virtual or augmented reality. However, it is a very good tactic that can be used in marketing to create immersive and engaging experiences for your customers and/or clients.   You can do things like product demonstrations, event marketing like virtual tour and story telling through the immersive experience. 

Voice Search Optimization

The use of voice assistants and smart speakers is on the rise, and businesses will need to optimize their digital content for voice search in order to stay visible in this channel.

Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod and Siri are all examples of how we use voice search daily.  It is important for your business to have the proper keyword optimization and rich snippet implementation in order to be able to take advantage of any voice search that might be relevant to your business. 

Content Personalization

With more and more content being created, it is important for companies to focus on personalization to ensure that the content resonates with the audience and drives the desired action.

Gone are the days of one size fits all.  Today we live in a world where everything is personalized and we expect it to be that way. You no longer have to search using “near me” terms b/c innately the search engines already know where you are and look to serve up the result they feel is most applicable.  This means that personalization within your marketing is extremely important. 

Social Media

As social media continues to evolve, companies will need to stay on top of the latest features and trends in order to effectively engage with their customers on these platforms.

Love it or hate it, it isn’t going anywhere. Keep in mind that Social media itself isn’t also the channel that people convert on. However, it is the channel that feeds part of your marketing funnel.  It is the channel that people get to learn more about you and your brand.  It is the channel that makes sharing experience the easiest.  If you aren’t putting marketing dollars into social media, you are missing out. 

User Experience (UX)

The experience a user has on your website, social media or on any other digital touchpoint has become a major consideration for companies. They will need to focus on creating seamless and personalized user experience across all digital touchpoints in order to build trust and loyalty with their customers.

Don’t Let Your Business Fall Behind

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come!  Yes, I stole that from Field of Dreams.  In all of your marketing, the experience your user goes through is crucial to your success. If an ad takes them to an incorrect page, that user will most likely leave. If your website is hard to navigate, that user will most likely leave.  If the information you provide doesn’t answer the searcher query, that user will leave.  All marketing has to be looked at through the lens of the end user to truly gauge how effective it may be. 

As 2022 fades completely into the dark and 2023 moves into the limelight, you will see more and more shifts, fluctuations and changes coming into play for Digital Marketers and for business owners.  It’s more important now than ever that agencies and business owners work hand in hand on strategies and implementations to ensure that marketing efforts are being maximized and efforts result in strong ROI’s. 

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Last modified: January 19, 2023