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The Top 3 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing

The Top 3 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing (1)

I won’t make you wait until the end of the blog to give you the good stuff – the reasons for using digital marketing are so simple and stupid:

  1. Your customers are online, so you should be too.
  2. Your competitors are taking advantage of digital marketing, so why aren’t you?
  3. Digital marketing is a proven, successful, and necessary method to succeed in advertising.

Most likely, you already know you should be using this incredibly powerful tool. You may even be already utilizing it, but are you completely committed? Have you fully bought into the why?

Why is Digital Marketing Important For Small to Medium Size Businesses?

I think it goes without saying that “traditional” advertising like billboards, tv, and radio are still in play today. However, the effectiveness of these platforms and the audience reach has drastically changed over the years. As technology evolves, so must marketing. 

Your customers are online, so you should be too.

Just think about it for a minute; no one has ever watched a commercial if they don’t want to. I mean, never — should they choose to do so. That means TV commercials reach far less of your audience than they would have ten years ago. 

You have things like DVRs and streaming platforms, and although you might have to pay a higher premium, the option to go commercial-free is there for you.

The same goes for radio. You have Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and similar social media platforms that give you commercial-free or limited commercial options. Billboards struggled significantly during the 2021 pandemic and have always had limitations in rural areas. Even now they offer digital billboards in hopes of getting more in front of the audience than before.

Digital marketing is essential now more than ever — that’s where your audience is. And those streaming platforms I just mentioned? Yea they’re online too.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors With Digital Marketing

The pandemic taught us many things, but it proved to me how aggressive advertisers win. During those tumultuous times, I noticed a huge trend: many businesses were struggling to stay afloat and trying to figure out what to cut and where. My clients? They started to split 50/50 in terms of their aggressiveness.

I had a chunk of clients that went into panic mode and pulled back on their advertising out of pure fear, and I had another selection who doubled down on their advertising because they understood that if they wanted to win, they needed to be where their audience was. 

During the pandemic, where was their audience? They’re sitting on their asses at home, trying to figure out what to do.

Naturally, everyone gravitated online. Thousands of articles show the massive increase in screen time and streaming over the last few years. 

Aggressive Businesses Win

You need to think about your competitors like those aggressive clients I mentioned. They get it. They know where they need to be and aren’t afraid. If you aren’t advertising online, or if you are doing far less than your competitors, your results are bound to suffer. 

Those familiar with digital marketing are familiar with the term “auction”; this is a common phrase used when discussing paid advertising.

You don’t go home with the cow if you don’t attend the auction.

Digital Marketing Has Proven Results

Digital marketing has proven to be an effective way to reach potential customers. By putting your brand in front of customers who are actively using digital channels, you are able to reach a wider audience and potential leads. 

Additionally, digital marketing allows you to target specific audiences and demographics, making your marketing efforts more efficient and cost-effective than certain traditional advertising.

As more and more people head online for information and entertainment, digital marketing will become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. If you’re not already incorporating digital into your overall marketing strategy, now is the time to start!

So we have established that your clients are online, your competitors are showing up in front of them, and if you want digital marketing to work for you, you need to be there too.

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Last modified: August 3, 2022