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The Miracle of Timing

all things are possible

We live in a world where we expect to get what we want, when we want it. Amazon is a prime example. No pun intended. If I need to order just about anything, I can do it in a few clicks without ever having to leave my home or office. 

The pandemic also skewed timing as well with the take off of telehealth. Gone are the days of sitting in a doctor’s waiting room for hours to discuss your child’s runny nose. Instead, you can hop on a quick phone call with the doctor, and within a matter of minutes, the prescription you need is already at the pharmacy.

Urgency Everywhere

I see the same urgency even in the marketing world. The expectation is that you can flip a switch, and the leads will magically flow in. This blog isn’t about getting things done quickly. It’s about understanding how important timing is

Imagine launching a new product that is only relevant in the wintertime. I am so anxious to get this product out there that I launch it at the beginning of the summer without any research, and I’m immediately frustrated with the lackluster results.

It was great to get the work done and get the campaigns live, but what good was it to rush through the important discovery phase that would have resulted in a better return on investment? 

Moving Fast Isn’t Always the Answer

Moving fast isn’t always the answer and the best way to get something done right. There is undoubtedly a difference between something being “done”, and something being done right. Even in our personal lives, as we grow, we’re in a hurry to move from one stage of our life to the next. 

We make quick decisions that we hope will get us to the next chapter, whether it’s speed dating or deciding to have a child early on without fully knowing if your partner will be with you for the long haul. 

I have been guilty of moving too fast for far too long. I am constantly focused on achieving the outcome that I forget to enjoy the journey.  There is a reason for the saying “Stop and smell the roses”. Their beauty is far deeper than what meets the eye.  

There is Beauty in Timing

There is magic at that moment when everything comes together, and it all makes sense. There’s so much hustle to get things completed to move on to something bigger and better. Most times, we end up stuck because we’re making moves before we’re ready. 

When you rush through anything in life, you’ll find it’s typically done half-ass. Mistakes are made, and lessons are learned, but sometimes those mistakes could’ve been avoided with just a little extra footwork or maybe a little more patience.

Sometimes you have to give into the miracle of timing and realize there is a proper time and place for everything. Working towards a goal is far more important than rushing to an outcome. The best things in life can happen while on your journey, not just at the destination.

My Challenge to You

I challenge you to think of something you do well, that you feel very confident in. Now think about when you first started. Did it just happen all at once, over time, or did you get better with practice once you allowed yourself to be fully immersed?

I think you can handle it. 

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Last modified: April 18, 2022