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My Happy Place

woman in kayak observing flowers

We all need a getaway now and again. However, that doesn’t mean you need a vacation or lengthy time off — you need a way to “recharge” your batteries, and that charging station looks different for everyone. 

For me, recharging is about being in one of my happy places. 

A “happy place” is somewhere or something that puts your mind at ease. For some, it may be playing nine holes of golf. For others, it could be sewing or knitting.  

My happy place is either on the water or in the woods. I love being out in nature and absorbing all its amazing sights, sounds and smells. I prefer hiking or kayaking, but I’m not picky — a gentle walk in the woods or by a lake or river can also do the trick. 

Why Is It So Hard To Relax?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do or where to start? Have you ever been so stressed that you become blocked or paralyzed? If so, it’s a good indication that you aren’t taking enough time for yourself.  

Self-care is critical, but even more is allowing yourself to unwind, relax, and let go. The three major benefits of recharging are:

  1. Mental Clarity
  2. Creative Boost
  3. Tension Release

Don’t Let Brain Fog Slow You Down

Brain fog can be a frustrating condition, characterized by an inability to focus and remember simple information. The cause of brain fog is not fully understood, but it is thought to be linked to stress, fatigue, and poor sleep habits.

I commonly use the analogy of “penguins on a ledge” when analyzing our ability to remember. When you are in that “go, go, go” mode, you’ll inevitably reach a point where your brain can’t keep up. That’s when you start to lose sight of your task or forget things more easily. 

You can only fit so many penguins on that ledge before they start sliding off into the arctic waters. This is why categorizing and staying focused is so critical. 

This weekend I spent time kayaking on the river. I did a solo 30-minute kayak ride, and while I was out there watching the water crash on the rocks and looking up at the beautiful clouds floating by, I was mentally relaxing my mind — and creating more room for those penguins. 

How to Beat a Creative Block

Creativity is a massive component of many job roles. When you are blocked creatively, it can almost become impossible to be productive. 

You can understand how horrible a creative block can be if you’re an artist, such as a writer, musician, performer, designer, etc.  

Clearing your mind and recharging your mental batteries is the fastest way to remove that block and get those creative juices flowing.  

This article is a result of the feeling, the clarity, and the relaxation that came from spending the weekend in a “happy place.” The water and forest have a huge effect on me, and I’m forever grateful for being able to recognize that and put it to good use.  

I know many artists who take up hobbies that have the same effect. For example, a painter struggling to develop their next piece may be inspired by a long, scenic bike ride through a rural area. 

Relax and Release Tension

When you find your happy place, it’s like all of your worries just disappear. For a few moments, you don’t have to think about your to-do list or what’s going on in the world. You can just focus on the present moment and enjoy the feeling of peace and happiness. 

As you relax into this state of mind, your body will follow suit. All the tension that has been building up in your muscles will start to dissipate, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

There’s something about being on the water that instantly relaxes me. Maybe it’s the sound of the gentle waves lapping against the hull of my kayak or the feel of the sun on my skin. Whatever it is, kayaking has a way of washing all my worries away.

You too can find a way to let it all go. 

Here are a few examples of “Happy Places.”

  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Sewing/Knitting
  • Model Train building
  • Antiquing
  • Walking/Running/Biking
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Crafting
  • Listening to music/singing
  • Gardening

A mental break can be something as simple as dedicating time each day to your favorite hobby. It can be something that takes you away from your stressors and allows you to focus on something that brings you joy. Whether it’s painting, hiking, biking, cooking, or reading, find something that makes you happy and make time for it every day. 

I am not the only one that thinks this way.  SheHandlesIt was recently featured by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Working Mom Blogs.  You can feel free to check out numerous other bloggers tackling the same ideas and concepts. 

If you don’t have a hobby, now is the perfect time to develop one. In addition to giving you a mental break, hobbies can also help improve clarity, focus, creativity, and stress management. So find something that speaks to you — and give yourself the gift of a mental break. You deserve it!

Can you handle it? 

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Last modified: August 30, 2022