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Let’s Talk About Those Tears!

We’ve all heard that women are more sensitive and more emotional than our male counterparts. Even science is stacked against us. I hope you are with me when calling bullshit on this one because that’s what it is — total bullshit. 

I can’t say men cry as much as women do

The men in my life tend to be vastly more emotional creatures than any other woman I know. I can’t be alone on this one, am I? Several things can trigger crying, but the most prominent for me is anger.

I cry when I’m angry

I cry when I’m angry because it feels like I have no control, it feels overwhelming. I want to react in ways that I find highly inappropriate. I want to yell, I want to scream, I want to punch a wall, I want to flip a chair. All of those reactions are natural. None of them feel right to me. 

So when I’m angry, I cry. After, I feel lighter and ready to focus on whatever it was that had me frustrated to begin with. A few things can do that; some are blog-worthy, but to name a few:

my children, bad drivers, ignorance, and intolerance. 

It’s okay not to cry

I think it is essential for women to remember that it is actually okay not to cry. It’s okay to feel whatever emotion and not worry about the stigma attached to it. It’s okay to be human, make mistakes, be angry, and own up to those mistakes. It’s okay to misunderstand something or take a wrong turn, but holding in your emotions for so long is not okay. Holding in emotions is not healthy for you or anyone, especially if you’re a company leader or manage a group of individuals.

I love boxing and other practices that allow little time to focus on anything floating through my head; I also enjoy a good diet specifically designed to get rid of brain fog—are you interested? Hobbies are great but be careful not to get sucked into ones that are too expensive. This can be counterproductive and stressful all in itself. 

If crying is your body‘s way of distressing, then, lady, go get your cry on

Other outlets have helped me reduce stress, reduce frustration, and keep my mind in a good place. We can dive into that later on, but some are exercise and physical activities. 

The long story short here is that you cannot be afraid of your emotions. You cannot be embarrassed to cry, but you need to be self-aware enough to find the proper outlet. This outlet allows you to have the right mindset as you begin your day. Allow yourself to feel emotions and uncover the best outlet to keep your mind straight.

Ladies, I think that is something you can handle.

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Last modified: March 14, 2022