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Finding Growth in the Discomfort Zone: The SheHandlesIt Way

finding growth in the discomfort zone

Let’s dive deep into what makes us tick, thrive, and truly shine. And today’s topic? The necessity of stepping into the discomfort zone.

Interesting concept, isn’t it? 

We may need to walk on the uncomfortable side to find our best selves. 

Just as you might need to break in your most adored pair of heels before they feel right, your journey to personal and professional growth requires pushing through some pinches and pressures.

Embracing the Unfamiliar as a SheLeader

Leadership in our businesses, careers, or daily lives demands bold moves. Sometimes, that means you have to shake hands with unfamiliar feelings.

Does networking, mingling, or talking with strangers make you anxious? That’s understandable. 

But consider this: Why not join a networking event and start a conversation

You never know; that brief chat could open doors to endless possibilities.

If public speaking bothers you, remember that every great speaker starts from somewhere. 

Perhaps you could start by sharing your thoughts in a small group or making a short video. The key is to start. 

Gradually, you’ll find the mountain doesn’t seem so massive.

Change? It’s an Inside Job

At SheHandlesIt, we stand by one truth: If you want external transformation, you must start internally. Do you have an aspiration, a dream, or perhaps a goal that has felt just out of reach? Well, staying still won’t help you achieve it. To change the narrative, you must take the first step from within.

Step Into Your Power

So, lovely ladies, here’s our challenge:

  1. Identify that one thing that makes you hesitate, second-guess, or even avoid.
  2. Confront it directly.
  3. Wrestle with it.
  4. Grow from it.

Your power lies on the other side of that challenge.

We believe in the strength, resilience, and sheer determination of our community’s women. We have watched, cheered, and drawn inspiration from countless stories of women who have shattered their own boundaries. If you’re a leader struggling to maintain focus, we’ve got some effective tips that could be game-changers for you.

Are you ready to leap? Now’s the time. Step into that uncomfortable space and uncover the incredible growth waiting for you. If you’re finding it hard to take that first step, remember the power of living in the present moment. Our blog post on embracing the power of now could be the inspiration you need.

Keep shining and remain unstoppable!

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Last modified: August 25, 2023